fuel your school program

celebrating 10 years of fueling up to fund projects for teachers, students and schools

The Fuel Your School program is celebrating 10 years of supporting K-12 public school teachers and students. This year, more than $5 million will be available to help fund classroom projects posted on in 16 U.S. communities, with the help of local Chevron and Texaco marketers and retailers in some communities.

Andy Walz, president, America’s Products, said, “We’ve funded more than 40,000 teachers and delivered more than 61,000 classroom projects. The best part is knowing this program excites students and encourages them to learn, empowers teachers and makes our communities stronger.”

preparing problem solvers

Preparing the next generation of problem solvers is essential to building a world where energy is affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner. Chevron’s Fuel Your School program supports education by enabling teachers to inspire their students for future careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

"Each funded project is putting much needed materials in the hands of our future. Without Chevron, we could not provide such valuable and educationally rich resources,"

Ashleigh Pelafigue
FYS recipient

funding for the future

Fuel Your School is an innovative collaboration between Chevron and that helps fund eligible classroom projects in several U.S. markets where Chevron has retail operations.


1 in 15 public schools

have benefitted from Fuel Your School

DonorsChoose Founder Charles Best said, “We’re grateful to partner with Chevron Fuel Your School, whose support has given new learning opportunities to students at thousands of schools across the country.”

Since its launch in 2010, the Fuel Your School program has:

raised more than

$55 million

helped fund


classroom projects

benefited more than

2.2 million

students and teachers

Creating opportunities to learn

creating opportunities to learn

For the last decade, Fuel Your School funding has helped provide teachers with the tools they need to foster learning in the classroom, where students are first inspired and motivated to pursue their education.

Melissa Yefsky, a beneficiary from Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, explained, “My school community is so grateful for Chevron for providing students with these materials they would not have otherwise had. The iPads have been crucial for my 1st graders in so many ways – from differentiation to their fine motor skills. The families are grateful their students get these unique opportunities to learn.”










Chevron partners with, an online charity that helps provide teaching materials to public classrooms, to support STEM-related classroom initiatives.


Chevron launches Fuel Your School and celebrates the first classroom to receive funding on Oct. 22 at Kensington Elementary in Contra Costa County.


Fuel Your School expands international with the launch of the Caltex Fuel Your School program in Malaysia.


Chevron station owner Jason Simms delivers a brown box, funded by Fuel Your School, to a local school. He said “The students started pouring over the books, looking through them. The teacher was really excited and the students were overwhelmed by the gift.”


The Fuel Your School program in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore benefited approximately 43,000 people and recorded almost 1,400 volunteer hours courtesy of employees, family members, retailers and business partners.


For the first time, Chevron has collaborated with the financial wellness application Acorns to provide up to $500,000 in 2019 for classroom funding in all markets with participating Chevron and Texaco stations.


Chevron celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the Fuel Your School program.

International impact

international impact

We’re proud that the Fuel Your School program has not only benefitted classroom projects within the U.S., but that the program has expanded its borders to other countries. In 2014, the Fuel Your School program expanded to Canada. Through local partnerships, Chevron has supported Caltex Fuel Your School programs in Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

inspiring careers in STEM

Chevron supports public school teachers and thanks them for their role in inspiring the next generation of STEM professionals.

"Chevron has profoundly changed our school culture with their generosity. So many of our STEM classes have benefited from your help. Our school is able to do so much more with our STEM students."

Rachel Hibler
FYS funding recipient, Fresno, CA

committed to education

Each year through the month of October, Chevron contributes $1 for each fuel purchase of eight or more gallons at participating Chevron and Texaco stations, up to a specified amount in each community, to support projects at local public schools.

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400,000 books
have been funded through
Fuel Your School

The Fuel Your School program is part of Chevron’s overall support for education, which has totaled more than $400 million worldwide since 2013, helping to provide teachers with the tools to prepare students for the jobs of the future.

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